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  Certificate IV in Nursing (Enrolled /
Division 2 Nursing) Australia
Course Duration: 1 year
  Eligibility: Post / BSC / GNM / ANM nurses, with low IELTS overall score ‘6'
  The qualification covers the application of nursing skills and knowledge including medication administration required to be eligible for registration as a Registered Nurse (Division 2) in Victoria.
  You have an option to complete a further two years study of the Bachelor of Nursing that leads to registration as a Division 1 Registered Nurse without further adaptation training / IELTS.
  GNM nurses who are looking forward for Australian Nursing registration with low score in IELTS and low fund arrangements or those who wish to do direct Post BSc but the total expense in the beginning is not affordable.
  BSc nurses:  Best suited pathway for those with their current low score in IELTS, till they qualify for RN registration in Australia. (This programme qualifies you for nursing practice in Australia as a Registered (Divison 2) Nurse with the current IELTS score.
  ANM nurses: This course qualify you for registration as a Registered Nurse (division 2) and can progress to BSc nursing in your future stay in Australia.
  Anybody with different background and are interested to enter in to nursing profession? This course would qualify you to register and practice as a Registered Nurse (Division 2) in 1 year.
  Post BSc. Program in Australia   Course Duration: 2 years
      Indian registered Nurses with current IELTS score of 6.0+ and who can afford 2 years tuition fees and living expenses are offered BSc (2nd year entry) at a Govt. University in Australia. (Course completion leads to Division 1 R.N. registration in Australia without further IELTS/adaptation program).  
  English Plus Adaptation Program in Australia
  Program period: 1 year
Eligibility: Score ‘5’ in IELTS
After successful completion of the program the candidates are eligible to go for Direct Adaptation.
    Certificate / Diploma programs in:  
    Automotive Engineering  
    Building & Survey  
    Community Welfare work  
    Lab Tech and Pathology  
    Hair Dressing and Beauty care  
    Aged Care work etc.  
    Masters in:  
    Computer Science (Net work security)  
    Micro Nanotechnology and Wireless communication  
    2 years 2 Masters etc.  
  Australian Nursing Programmes    Direct ADAPTATION for Nurses with IELTS score 7 each in all sub segments.  
      Five weeks Nursing Review (preperatory programme) fotllowed by four weeks clinical practice in an acute Hospital in Sydney to prove your competence in your profession as R.N. that leads to full registration with one of the nursing boards in Australia.  
      Forty (40) weeks English + Adaptation offered to Nurses, even with minimum score of 5 in IELTS. 
      Offered by and " English Learning School In Sydney" - (ELSIS) located at Central Sydney, Australia.It starts with general English that progress to IELTS preperation and Medical English. ADAPTATION is offered to those who successfully completes the English programme.Assistants with respect to the nursing registration and campus interviews will be offered to those who complete the programme successfully.
      POST BSc in Nursing (1-2 years)  
Nurses with  previous qualification in GNM (diploma) have the option of doing 1-2 years BSc in Australia.
      Note: Foreign educated Nurses who completes  BSc in 2 years are excempted from providing IELTS certificates for Nursing Council Registration.  
      Enrolled Nursing (18 months)  
10+2 previous qualification with 6.0-6.5 in IELTS will qualify for this Diploma course ( ANM / GNM nurses also are eligible) and the course completion leads to Nursing Council Registration as ENROLLED NURSE in Western Australia.  
Cert IV in Nursing (1 year -VU)  
10+2 passed, ANM and GNM are eligible.Course completion leads to Nursing Council Registration as DIVISION -2 Nurse in Victoria.  
Eligibility: BSc Nurses or 3.5 years Diploma + 6.5 in IELTS
Successful course completion enable the nurses to register with the Nursing Board in Australia.
  WESTERN AUSTRALIA   Two(2) years Diploma courses Government Education>  
    Aviation, Engineering and Building
    Business, Management, Commerce and accounting
    Design and communication
    Health and Community Services
    Hospitality and Tourism
    Information Technology
    Science , Horticulture and Environment  
    Technical Courses in VICTORIA and Sydney(NSW) in  
    Automative and Engineering  
    IT and Electrotechnology  
    Construction Industries  
    Management, Marketing and Logistics  
    Accounting, Finance and Library  
    Hospitality, Tourism and Events  
    Personal Services  
    Creative Industries  
    Nursing and Helath studies  
    Family and Community Studies  
    Sports Recreation and Science  
    Administartion , Legal and Leaderships  
    Asia and Pacific Studies
    Human Movement, Recreation and Performance
    Psychology and Counselling
    Aged Services
    Public Advocacy and action
    Multi Disciplinary Degrees
    Accounting and Finance
    Applied Economics
    Hospitality, Tourism and Marketing
    Information System
    Health Science
    Chemical Science
    Computer Science and Mathematics
    Biomedical and Molecular services
    Food Sciences
    Life Sciences
    Applied Physics
    Architechtural, Civil and Mechanical Engineering  
    Environmental Safety and Risk Engineering  
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